One of my favourite cities in Europe, walking down Barcelona’s streets is like walking down an architectural runway show. There is so much history behind the construction of churches, squares and buildings. Barcelona is also fun, you will find local food and craft markets, night life along the beach and the La Rambla district is just too much fun.

So if you are set to visit Spain or Europe in general and Spain was not on your bucket list, here are a few reasons why you should totally include it on your bucket list and why it is one of my favourite cities.



la boqueria

La Boqueria (Food market)

I can be a small girl, but when it comes to food I think big. La Boqueria is a food market at La Rambla district. This market serves traditional Spanish food, it is all fresh and local at affordable prices. Along la Rambla you can also find little bars, restaurants and street art shows.



La Sagrada Familia (Church)

I am not a religious person and I must say that the energy at this church was beautiful and the architecture is insane. Spanish people also called it the church of the generations; Antonio Gaudi, the main architect of La Sagrada Familia passed away and the church was unfinished so other architects from around the world put their own touches to the church, without interfering with Gaudi’s style. Today La Sagrada Familia is still not finished yet, but it is planned to be ready by 2026.


La Pedrera (Famous building in Barcelona, constructed by Antonio, Gaudi)

This house constructed by Antonio Gaudi for a Royal family, now days is just used for exhibitions. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you are going to love this building as some Star War’s characters were inspired by the sculptures on the top of La Pedrera.



A walk in this park was extremely fun, all the houses and sculptures here are very colourful and unique. Antonio Gaudi lived at Park Guell and his house is a museum. The house contains crazy sculptures and furniture made by him. At this Park, you can also get an incredible view of park Guell and Barcelona.




Saving up can be one of the most challenging things to do when planning your trip or when already on your trip and you have spent all your money on cheap wine and cold beers. Here are ten steps you can follow.


  1. Rent travel guides from your local library, it is completely free of charge
  2. Focus on spending your money on experiences (Avoid SHOPPING )
  3. Take advantage of FREE Tours
  4. Make some friends things X2 are cheaper
  5. Choose hostels with a kitchen
  6. Eat local/ Street food
  7. Take a water bottle you can refill , money spent on drinks actually adds up quick. (Do not avoid BEER)
  8. Own a student card? Take advantage of it, especially when travelling Europe. They have great student discounts.
  9. Book in advance
  10. Fly with budget carriers



The joys of travelling solo

Gimmelwald - Swiss Alps

Unforgettable experience at the Swiss Alps, it is probably one of the most picturesque places I have been to.

I have done a fair bit of solo travelling and I want to encourage you to pack your bags and leave your fear at home. Travelling with friends is awesome but travelling solo is great too, I mean we are unique and awesome, why could we even get bored of ourselves? Here are a few reasons why I love travelling solo.

  • You learn a lot about yourself
  • You will make multicultural friends for life
  • It is easier to engage with locals
  • You will feel extremely accomplish at the end of your trip
  • You can do/go wherever you want whenever you want
  • It is an unforgettable survival experience
  • You learn a lot about culture and history
  • You will appreciate more your family, friends and your country
  • You might discover what you truly love doing or might fall in love with a place and never come back home
  • It makes you a strong independent person
  • It helps you to understand other cultures and tolerate people from different cultures