The joys of travelling solo

Gimmelwald - Swiss Alps

Unforgettable experience at the Swiss Alps, it is probably one of the most picturesque places I have been to.

I have done a fair bit of solo travelling and I want to encourage you to pack your bags and leave your fear at home. Travelling with friends is awesome but travelling solo is great too, I mean we are unique and awesome, why could we even get bored of ourselves? Here are a few reasons why I love travelling solo.

  • You learn a lot about yourself
  • You will make multicultural friends for life
  • It is easier to engage with locals
  • You will feel extremely accomplish at the end of your trip
  • You can do/go wherever you want whenever you want
  • It is an unforgettable survival experience
  • You learn a lot about culture and history
  • You will appreciate more your family, friends and your country
  • You might discover what you truly love doing or might fall in love with a place and never come back home
  • It makes you a strong independent person
  • It helps you to understand other cultures and tolerate people from different cultures

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